Service and Maintenance Packages

Essential Maintenance Plan
The “Essential Plan” improves indoor air quality, lowers operating cost, improves operation efficiency and minimizes repairs. Four (4) inspections are performed per year which includes Merv-8 Pleated filters for every inspection and one (1) belt change per year. During the fall season a winter start-up is completed along with a summer start-up in the spring. By completing these tasks, the life span of the equipment is prolonged.

Total Package
This package includes all the perks of the “Essential Plan” but includes priority service. Our Service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any support required. Labor for normal business hours is included into this package.

Coil Cleanings
We have become a networking world and it’s important to keep your Server / Data rooms operating to its full potential. An annual (Condenser or Evaporator) coil cleaning can be added to any plan in order to assure proper performance. Environmentally safe products are used at all times.

Building Automation Support
Building Automation Support and Remote off site diagnostics can be added to the “Total Package Plan”. With this option, we could access your Automation system remotely and give you off site support. By allowing this capability most nuisance calls can be avoided.