Since Sav Mor Mechanical was founded in 1975 we have been involved with a wide range of installation projects. These projects range from equipment replacements to Laboratories (Cold Spring Harbor Labs), where we have been in charge of all mechanical components of the projects. These components consist of the fabrication and installation of ductwork, piping, equipment and controls.

Through the years Sav Mor has gone from more basic installations like rooftop equipment and ductwork with a localized thermostat for control, to very complex installations like geothermal wells with water source heat pumps that are controlled by a building automation system that can be remote accessed through the internet.

Sav Mor has begun the next wave of work, several mid rise buildings in New York City ranging from ten stories to as high as forty stories. Sav Mor has always tried to stay ahead of the curve and we look forward to whatever the future brings.