Engineering/Design Build

Sav Mor Mechanical is an HVAC company focused on the needs of our commercial and industrial customers, from design inception to project completion. We are dedicated to meeting the many challenges involved in the HVAC industry. We are prepared to take on this challenge by employing an engineering department that is both educated and experienced. Our engineers/draftsmen have an unparalleled understanding of the HVAC industry as well as its supplemental design tools. The head engineer has been involved in the HVAC industry for over thirty years and employed at Sav-Mor for over fifteen years. Sav Mor aims to hire the best in the field, therefore the rest of our engineering department have received extensive training resulting in four year Bachelors of Science degrees specifically in the field of HVAC design and/ or Mechanical Engineering.

Sav Mor’s engineering department develops shop drawings for commercial design/build projects and plan & spec projects. Our formula for success is to provide paramount service to our clients utilizing the most up-to-date drafting software as well as the latest hardware to design the best HVAC systems for the project. When it comes to our design/build projects or tenant build-outs, our engineers visit the job sites and perform a field survey of existing conditions before producing any shop drawings. To accomplish this properly they measure what exists in the space both architecturally and mechanically. They also utilize digital cameras to record critical visual aspects of each project. This helps them to coordinate the best placement for the equipment, ductwork, and piping. Our engineering department is currently using AutoCAD 2012 to bring the needs of the consumer and the application together to design the right HVAC system for our clients.