Energy Analysis

Heat Loss/Load Calculations have become more of a science then it was in the past when the idea was to oversize equipment.This resulted in poor energy efficiency and poor humidity control. Today buildings are constructed tighter, ASHRAE standards are more stringent and buildings being developed are going towards a GREEN approach.

Sav Mor Mechanical has solved those problems by having in-house engineer’s to work as part of the design team. We strive to create HVAC systems that can work with the building use to provide the most energy-efficient system for space and the budget. Sav Mor has been using Trane Energy Analyzer for many years to gather information on existing buildings in order to show clients cost savings if HVAC equipment was upgraded. We can show clients when paybacks will start to happen and how much they will save over time. Sav Mor also works with LIPA to achieve Rebates for the customer.